Alexander M. Shuford Jr

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    Thanks for posting link to the article. Shuford M. "Big Al" Alexander, Jr. served in the 346th Fighter Squadron, 350th Fighter Group, 12th Air Force.ATTACH=full]5769[/ATTACH]

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    Bringing this Shuford M Alexander, Jr. oral history interview forward to this thread, originally offer by AAF forum member "Micky"

    This oral history interview of Shuford M Alexander, Jr was conducted by Ronald E Marcello representing the University of North Texas. This interview covers Lt Alexander's early AAF pilot training as well as early deployment to North Africa and Italy. More importantly perhaps it offers an excellent account of his evasion and escape, capture, escape and further evasion until after four and a half months on the run in Italy he is able to return to allied controlled territory.

    If one has the time this account is highly recommended reading particularly since Mediterranean E&E Reports are less easy to find and read.

    1st Lt Shuford M Alexander, Jr
    2nd Lt Shuford M Alexander Jr. (c).jpg

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