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Aircraft crashes Belgium

Discussion in 'Ground Commands, Stations, & Bases' started by Airwar, May 30, 2017.

  1. Airwar

    Airwar Well-Known Member

  2. pathfinder504

    pathfinder504 Active Member

    They left out the loss of 42-100981 at Kortijnen on 17SEP44.
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  3. terveurn

    terveurn Active Member

    Also missing B-17G 42-32007 that crashed on 4 March 1944 at La Chaussée (3.5 miles north from Charleroi), Waloon Region - Belgium (50°30'0"N / 4°26'24"E)
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  4. Raphaël

    Raphaël Member

    Luchtvaartgeschiedenis is a good site with details for the crashes , But the list is far from being complete. I am aware that it is impossible to describe all the crashes.
    Belgium counts almost 3000 cities or villages. I do research for many accidents and I few to assert that almost every village was affected by a plane crash allies or German .
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  5. PLsearch

    PLsearch New Member

    Luchtvaartgeschiedenis is really a good site containing a lot of informations. It is sure that it is very difficult to have a complete list. In addition, it is very difficult to have correct informations about many crash sites. The MACR and/or IDPF are not allways accurate and the surviving eyewitnessesses are sometimes, today, telling different stories about the supposed same crash.
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