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    It has been several years since I last requested an IDPF. Looking back on the letter I wrote to request the file I had clearly specified that I was next of kin to the subject of the IDPF. Apparently that requirement no longer exists but at the time privacy definitely was a concern. I have a vague recollection that there was a discussion about obtaining IDPFs on the forum but I do not know if it was this version of the forum or the one that existed prior to 2015. Comparison of our Gov't requirements to those of the German Gov't really is moot.
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    Interesting link. Your skepticism is probably well founded but the page does appear to provide useful updates to the info we have had available to us in the past. The last paragraph is particularly appropriate to this thread. Has Susanne told us of any specific cemeteries of interest or is she looking at everybody?

    This must be a profitable new business idea, look at this link which came to me recently. The IDPF option is all the way down at the bottom. http://www.goldenarrowresearch.com/
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    Thank you, Scott. The last one were the ones I had in mind.
    I am not looking for a certain cemetary but for some of the murder and assumed murder cases. I am going trough the RG 242 right now.
    Background is my book, and maybe some remembrance exhibition, fut this is just a future goal.

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