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A/C Not Lost

Discussion in 'All Hands Club & Canteen Discussion Area' started by Alex Smart, Sep 15, 2017.

  1. Alex Smart

    Alex Smart Active Member

    There follows a small list of some of the MACR's with " a/c not lost" remark.

    02/27/1944 - 2BG/20BS - MACR 15305.
    1Lt. John F. Bernstorf -O-414598.
    Anyone know the a/c serial number ?

    04/02/1944 - 2BG/20BS - MACR 15913.
    42-38066 "Marishka".
    2Lt. Robert H. O'Conner - O-698328 - KIA.

    10/01/1943 - 376BG/513BS - MACR 1063.
    Pilot Captain W. Zimmerman of Houston, Texas.
    A/C Number "43".
    Five crew bailed, the a/c force-landed at Brindisi.
    Anyone know"43's" serial number ?

    10/13/1944 - 449BG/717BS - MACR 9216.
    Pilot: 1Lt. Michael R. Fiordaliso - O-820982.
    Two crew bailed, both became POW's.
    Bombardier 1Lt. Donald K. Foulkes - O-717982.
    Nose Gunner S/Sgt. Robert H. Keuthe - 37609572.

    10/17/1944 - 450BG/721BS - MACR 9217.
    Pilot: 1Lt. James R. Funderburk - O-819788.
    Two crew bailed becoming POW's.
    2Lt. Benjamin Forrest Drake - O-676446.
    Sgt. Ivan Warren Raymond - 33704703.

    05/10/1944 - 456BG/746BS - MACR 4741.
    Pilot: 2Lt. John R. Hillenbrand - O-683698 - KIA.
    Co-Pilot: 2Lt. Ira F. Shober - O-695777.
    Two crew bailed.
    Bombardier F/O. Jule M. Westra - T-122867.
    2Lt. Quitman (NMI) Roof -34097115.
    A/c returned to Foggia Main.
    Anyone have the serial number ?

    05/10/1944 - 460BG/762BS - MACR 5068.
    Pilot: 2Lt. William R. Hammond - O-668235.
    Six bailed.
    Lt. Johnson.
    Lt. Shekitka.
    Lt. Winters.
    S/Sgt. Graham.
    S/Sgt. O'Hara.
    S/Sgt. Reavis.

    T/Sgt. McChesney.
    S/Sgt. Hartman.
    S/Sgt. White stayed with the a/c along with 2Lt. Hammond.
    This a/c was eventually lost on 05/16/1944, MACR 9198.

    05/10/1944 - 463BG/775BS - MACR 5058.
    Tail of the a/c was blown off.
    T/G. SSgt. Louis (NMI) Munoz - 39693880.
    Witnessed by-
    Bombardier 2Lt. William J. Denning.
    Navigator 2Lt. John N. Evans.

    10/11/1944 - 465BG/780BS - MACR 9057.
    Pilot: 1Lt. Everett W. Steiner - O-667010.
    Two crew bailed.
    Bombardier 2Lt. Eugene G. Zarek - O-769240.
    Navigator 2Lt. Alvin G. Hyman.
    Both became POW's.

    07/19/1944 - 484BG/827BS - MACR 7207.
    Radio Opp. T/Sgt. James C. Landis - 18084510.
    Bailed became a POW.

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  2. Parker

    Parker Member


    I knew Eugene Zarek quite well. He never knew that his a/c returned to base and all the rest of his crew slept in their own beds that night while he went to a POW camp. He was a 'fill in' with this crew on that mission and did not know any of the other crew members. The pilot took very aggressive evasive action and Zarek was certain they were going down. The crew statements in the MACR are interesting reading.
  3. Airwar

    Airwar Well-Known Member

  4. Alex Smart

    Alex Smart Active Member

    Many thanks for the replies, they make up the history of some of these stories of the a/c not lost listed.
    The a/c serials of these and of other "a/c not lost" are ( as far as I have seen ?) never recorded in any list available.
    Of the ten I originally listed these four are still not known.

    10/01/1943 - A/c"43" - 376BG/513BS - Capt. W. Zimmerman - MACR 1063.

    02/27/1944 - 2BG/20BS - 1Lt. John F. Bernstorf - O-414598 DNB.
    Most likely NO a/c involved.

    05/10/1944 - 456BG/746BS - 2Lt. John R. Hillenbrand - MACR 4741.

    10/11/1944 - 465BG/780BS - 1Lt. Everett W. Steiner - MACR 9057.
    Possible answer available via Zarek's family ?

    Again greatful thanks,
  5. RSwank

    RSwank Well-Known Member

  6. Parker

    Parker Member


    As I mentioned above Zarek never learned the true story. You can see from his obituary at the find-a-grave link he died believing the ship had been shot down. One thing he said to me was that while he was a POW he never understood why the rest of his crew never showed up at the POW camp.
  7. Alex Smart

    Alex Smart Active Member


    See my MACR 15305 thread, Bernstorf was killed in a Jeep road accident. The date given is the 26th though, The MACR date is the 27th.

    1Lt. Everett W. Steiner was the pilot of " Five Grand" 44-41064 on October 11th, 1944 it would seem.

    Re: 376BG/513BS "43" Pilot Zimmerman, William R.
    Four crew became POW's.
    Could the a/c have been 42-41031 "Daisy Mae" number "43" ?
    This "43" was eventually lost on 2nd April 1944, MACR 4356.
    Another "43" was 42-51151 lost on 2nd July, 1944, MACR 6859.
    Anyone know of an earlier "43" than the above two a/c ?

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  8. Darin Scorza

    Darin Scorza New Member

    The 458BG had one MACR 7085 "A/C not lost" on June 29, 1944. B-24H-25-DT 42-51110 7V Top O' The Mark, two crew members bailed out due to a fire which was eventually brought under control. One man became POW and the other, Sgt James R Murray, was murdered by an official in Glothe. http://www.458bg.com/storiesmurderunresloved.htm
  9. Alex Smart

    Alex Smart Active Member

    Hello Darin,
    Thank you.
    Additional losses are most welcome. This was something that was in the back of my mind when I started the thread.
    There are many that are listed as "a/c not lost" that serial numbers are never noted and that is the reason I started the thread.
    Many thanks for the additional a/c info, looking forward to many more I hope.
  10. Milos

    Milos Member

    Here is what I found in Yugoslavia:

    43-30420, MACR 6390
    42-31622, 6374
    42-31631, 6419
    42-31685, 4723
    42-51888, 8446
    42-51984, 12140
    42-52045, 9713
    42-52312, 3288
    42-7737, 2398
    42-97585, 4395
    44-48782, 9857
    44-48784, 11803
    44-49005, 10011
    44-6282, 7989
    44-6497, 10753
    44-8388, 9712
    MACR 16141
    MACR 5892
    MACR 12081
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  11. Airwar

    Airwar Well-Known Member

  12. terveurn

    terveurn Active Member

    Several more

    43-37513 7 POW, 2 KIA, 1 RTD

    43-37516 2 KIA, 7 RTD

    43-37524 1 POW, 8 RTD

    43-37590 1 KIA, 7 RTD

    43-37595 1 POW, 8 RTD

    43-37613 1 KIA, 1 POW, 7 RTD

    43-37675 1 POW, 8 RTD

    43-37733 3 POW, 1 evader, 4 RTD

    43-37789 3 KIA, 6 RTD

    43-37791 2 KIA, 7 RTD

    43-38014 2 POW, 7 RTD


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  13. Darin Scorza

    Darin Scorza New Member

    Not sure how I forgot about this one in the 458BG involving one of my dad's original crew members. May 27, 1944, mid-air collision during assembly. One a/c B-24H 42-95159 was lost with all 10 men (MACR 5631). The other a/c B-24H-25-FO 42-95183 J4 O Briney Marlin had two men bail out into the North Sea never to be recovered. This was MACR 5632 - "A/C Not Lost", 2 MIA, 8 RTD. http://www.458bg.com/storiesmay271944.htm
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  14. Alex Smart

    Alex Smart Active Member

    Hello Milos,
    With regard to your list.
    serial. MACR
    43-30420, 6390 - Known.
    42-31622, 6374 - Known.
    42-31631, 6419 - You Found serial number.
    42-31685, 4723 - Known.
    42-51888, 8446 - You Found serial number.
    42-51984, 12140 - You Found serial number.
    42-52045, 9713 - You Found serial number
    42-52312, 3288 - You Found serial number.
    42-7737, 2398 - You Found serial number.
    42-97585, 4395 - This serial number is 483BG a/c MACR 10730 ?
    44-48782, 9857 - Known.
    44-48784, 11803 - Known.
    44-49005, 10011 - You Found serial number.
    44-6282, 7989 - Known.
    44-6497, 10753 - Known.
    44-8388, 9712 - You Found serial number.
    MACR 16141- 460BG/761BS serial not known.
    MACR 5892 - 98BG serial not known.
    MACR 12081 - 97BG serial not known.

    Where did you find the details of the MACR/serial number matches of the a/c that I noted that you had found the serial number ?

    Seven were already known.
    You Found eight.

    One is still a puzzle, MACR 4395 or 10730 ?
    I see in Fold3 the MACR on the documents is 4395.
    There is also 10730 for the same a/c.
    First 4395 - 97BG - 23rd April '44
    Second 10730 - 483BG - 25th December '44
    So no longer a puzzle, You Found Nine.

    Three in the list are still unknown

    Well done
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  15. Milos

    Milos Member

    regarding 4395-10730, you solved it, second time plane crashed as well (again in Yugoslavia).

    I checked few planes you noted, for them serial is in the MACR, on first page, with serials and names. In one case it was inside, in pilot's statement.

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