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5th Bombardment Wing Missions to Linz, Austria

Discussion in '483rd BG - Sterparone' started by linzersun, Jun 11, 2016.

  1. linzersun

    linzersun New Member

    I'm looking for information about two of the 5th Bombardment Wing missions to Linz, Austria and hope that someone affiliated with the 483rd BG can help. I'm trying to determine what the "Order of Flight" was for the 5th BW for their missions to Linz on July 25, and December 27, 1944.
    Also, regarding the December 27th mission, what the Initial Point was for that attack? I know that orginally the Operational Orders called for each group in the 5th Wing to attack a separate oil refinery in the Vienna area, but due to the weather they all diverted to Linz. I'm guessing that the I.P. was somewhere in Czechoslovakia, north of Pyhrabruck, Austria, since a portion of the 2nd BG accidentally dropped their bombs there.
    Anything, like a Mission Flimsey, Narrative Mission Report, or Navagator's Report would be great. However, if know the answers and just reply to this thread that too would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you, and have a good weekend.

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