494th - Kelly's Cobras in Wendover, Utah

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    Here are a couple of photos donated by a 494th veteran to the museum in Wendover. Happy 4th!

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    Tom two articles,

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    Thank you for sharing these photos from Wendover of the 494BG engine maintenance. You are likely aware that these images are from Wendover even tho the field name in not part of the photo lab "footer" on each photo. What is present on both photos is 315AB which identifies Wendover; specifically the 315 Air Base Sq/315 Base Headquarters & Air Base Sq 17 Mar 42-1 Apr 44. After April 1944 this 315 Air Base Sq element would have been folded into a component of the 216th Base Unit.

    Thanks for the newspaper articles Jaap. To be clear in the first article the 494BG was never station at Saipan, the article offers honorable mention to the group at the end regarding different content in that issue of "AAFPOE Brief".

    Some sites for 494BG history:
    Sadly this site has expired http://kelleys_kobras.home.att.net/

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