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465th Mission to Linz, Austria on July 25, 1944

Discussion in '465th BG - Pantanella' started by linzersun, May 28, 2016.

  1. linzersun

    linzersun New Member

    I'm searching for information on the 465th BG's participation in the mission to Linz, Austria on Tuesday, July 25, 1944 (Mission 51). I'm hoping to find either a Mission Flimsy, Narrative Mission Report, or other documentation which answers the following questions: 1. Was the 465th BG the 55th Wing lead, or what position did they occupy in the 55th Wing Order of Flight; 2. How many aircraft did they launch that day? I have information which shows that 21 aircraft flew over the target, and by doing the math approximate that they dropped 52-tons of bombs. I'd like to verify those numbers.

    I've been able to compile information for the 460th, 464th, and 485th, but finding detailed information about the 465th has been a little more difficult.

    If anyone can provide this information, or recommend a good source for this information I'd greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you to ALL of our Veterans for your Service!
    Ron C.
  2. Airwar

    Airwar Well-Known Member

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  3. linzersun

    linzersun New Member

    Greetings, Jaap,
    Thank you for the reply. However, I already have located each of these resources some time ago and they did not provide the information that I am looking for. I've been able to located information, or recieved it from others on this forum which shows that the 15th AF Order of Flight on this date was:

    49th Wing - 484th; 461st; 451st
    304th Wing - 454th; 459th; 456th; 455th
    55th Wing - By comparing the altitudes and TOT's I think it was 465th; 464th; 485th; 460th (this is what I'm trying to verify)
    5th Wing - I've never found Order of Flight information for this Wing, but believe they flew in numerical order - 2nd; 97th; 99th; 301st; 463rd; 483rd (Someday I would like to verify this.)

    I do appreciate your reply to my request. Thank you again.
    Best Regards,
    Ron C.

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