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    Hi, I'm looking for info on a plane that Roland H. Stevens was the pilot on. His Navigator was 2nd Lt. John R. Daley. I found the crew along with a photo, but no plane serial # or nick name was listed. Mr. Daley's Grandson is trying to find info about him and I'm trying to help. On the right side of the nose is the number 60.

    Standing L-R: Becker, Eugene J.(E/G); Willet, David R., (RO/G); Zolenski, John J., (TTG); Clark,
    Junior C., (TG)
    Squatting L-R: Stevens, Roland H., (Pilot); Rice, Marvin, (Co Pilot); Daley, John R., (Nav.);
    Strickland, Douglas E., (Bombardier) .

    Any help and info on this crews plane will be greatly appreciated!!!!
    Thank You, Randy Morgan
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  2. RSwank

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    The photo looks to me like a Combat Crew Graduation photo taken stateside before deploying overseas.

    I noticed you have named only 4 of six men standing in the back row. The full identification is here:
    http://www.461st.org/Crews/764th Crews/stevens_r.htm

    The Torretta Flyer (newsletter of the 484th and 461st BGs), issue 20 on pdf page 6 has a little information from the TG, Clark.

    http://www.484th.org/Torretta Flyer/TF20/PDF/TF20.pdf

    He mentions that the crew arrived in October, 1944. They flew their first mission to Vienna on 13 Oct, 1944. Roland H Stevens was from Hazelhurst, MS. Their most serious injury was to Espita (Espeta?) getting frostbite on a mission to Otertal. Clark flew 32 sorties, finishing on April 26, 1945.
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    Gooday Randy,

    This crew photo is what I call "Crew Photo Day" photo taken at the end of the crew's training in the states. Your are in luck for base, for it has the "signature" thin stroke plane-in-unit number style of Davis-Monthan Field, AZ. Most B-24 training units just used the last 3 or 4 numbers of the plane's serial number making the location of the base difficult. The B-24 backdrop is a late Ford model, so a good guess for the time fame in mid 1944 to May of 1945 when Davis-Monthan change over to B-29 crew replacement training.

    Hope that's a help,

  4. Randy Morgan

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    Thank you Tom. More info than I had.
  5. Randy Morgan

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    Thank you sir. I missed one of them accidently. Sinus headache. Suprised I got that many :). I'll check the Pdf file when I return home. Have a good day!
  6. Randy Morgan

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    Thank you!!!!!!! More than we had :)
  7. Randy Morgan

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    Still can't find what plane this crew was on since the one in the background wasn't assigned to them.
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    Hi Randy - First, the only crews in the 461st that had their own aircraft were the "originals" who formed the group, but even that changed quickly with 62 ships and 70 crews. When crews went to the morning briefing they received the flimsy that told them what plane they would be flying on that mission. I have perhaps 25% of the flimsies and was able to come up with 8 aircraft flown by the Stevens crew.

    10/13/44 RC# 15 s/n unknown (A large number of aircraft joined the group toward the end of the war, but their squadron is unknown)
    11/5/44 RC# 4 44-40896 No name
    12/7/44 RC# 2 42-94729 One-Eyed Jack
    2/5/45 RC# 2 42-78676 No Name (This is a different #2)
    3/2/45 RC# 12 44-49346 No Name
    3/14/45 RC# 27 This is a 765th number with two possibilities: 42-51867, or 42-52052 (Alma-M-Amur).
    3/15/45 RC# 6 44-4096 No name
    4/26/45 RC#10 s/n unknown (Same as the first entry)
    As you already know, the #60 in the crew photo is not a 461st ship. Also, the flimsy lists the aircraft and pilot (along with a whole lot of other things), but not the crew. They may have picked up missions by flying with other crews. My father's copilot was shot down with another crew in the last plane lost by the group. His nose gunner went down twice in 10 days with other crews.

    If you need anything more, feel free to contact me at historian@461st.org

  9. 461st Fan

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    Believe it or not, I had spaces between the date, RC#, serial number, and nickname!

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