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454th BG 738th BS Looking for info on the following. Any help will be appreciated!!!

Discussion in 'Heavy & Very Heavy Bombers' started by Randy Morgan, Dec 23, 2016.

  1. Randy Morgan

    Randy Morgan Active Member

    I searched the Serbian/Albanian boarders too no luck. most likely as you said a misspelling. Thank you!!!!!! Randy
    P.S. Also noticed last two dates should not be May but possibly June. Go Figure.
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  2. Milos

    Milos Member

    Yes, obvious mistake on month.
  3. RSwank

    RSwank Well-Known Member

    Looking at the MACR where Hal found the map (MACR page 15) we were discussing above, on page 13 of the same MACR it gives the location where Millington's plane crashed. It was between Novokaz (Nivokaz) and Molliq (Molic) (Kosovo), near hill 465 some 14 km NW of Gjakova (Dakovica)


    Also on page 19 of the same MACR where they are describing where Millington was last seen by the group it is clear that is what the map is suppose to show. It is at that point that he turned back in Romania, (or was last seen), still some 50/60 miles from the target.

    So I would assume the "missing" "Ponoral" must be somewhere roughly West or SW or S of the the above crash location. One perhaps remote "possibility" might be "Ponoshec" which is still in Kosovo, but might be the last town he was in/near before he actually crossed the border into Albania.


    Here is a link to a 1940s AMS (Army Mapping Service) map of the area:


    Reading though his escape account (posted above by Milos (see post 28), I think he was picked up by the partisans at Shengjergv ( Shengjergj) here:


    Going north with the partisans, he crosses the border near Deravica, which is a mountain in Serbia (Kosovo).


    The location is here:

    He is robbed and heads West by himself. He is captured and interrogated at Gusinje and Plav in Montenegro . Gusinje is here and Plav is just to the NE.


    He escapes, heads north and finally makes it to Berane, which is here:

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  4. Randy Morgan

    Randy Morgan Active Member

    I'm Glad someone knows this , I spent hours trying to trace this until my eye's were crossed. I am down to 28 bombers/crews on the 738 BS of the 454th BG that I'm going to post to see if anyone has info on the planes and crews. Been on Fold 3, but haven't had any luck finding anything on them. Thank you so much for your help Sir!!!!
  5. Airwar

    Airwar Well-Known Member

    Randy you send me a list of aircraft your looking for. Probably all researchers can take a part
    of that list,because to do this alone its to big.
  6. Lucky Partners

    Lucky Partners Well-Known Member


    The full list is in a PM conversation. You are included in the conversation, check your inbox.

    Actually, might just as well post it here, the more eyes that see it the better.

    42-52207 Miss Maggie B-24 H x/x/xxxx
    42-52252 Buzz Job B-24 H 6/8/1944
    42-64392 St. Louis Belle B-24 J 4/13/1944
    42-64459 Slip Stream 1 B-24 H 3/19/1944
    42-64471 Salvo Sal B-24 H 3/30/1944
    42-64493 Miss U B-24 H x/xx/xxxx
    42-78079 Into the Blue ? B-24 G 5/19/1944
    42-78174 No Name B-24 G 5/25/1944
    42-78362 Mechanics Nightmare B-24 G 10/26/1945
    42-78377 Easy Take Off B-24 G 10/1/1945
    42-94967 Buzz Job II B-24 H xx/xx/xxxx
    42-95274 No Name B-24 H 3/20/1945
    44-10562 Miss Marie B-24 J xx/xx/xxxx
    44-10571 Miss Lucky B-24 J xx/xx/xxxx
    44-40244 No Name B-24 J 7/22/1944
    44-40483 The Ghost B-24 J xx/xx/xxxx
    44-41107 No Name B-24 J xx/xx/xxxx
    44-41341 The Purple Shaft B-24 J xx/xx/xxxx
    44-49406 Chicken Ship B-24 L 11/9/1945
    44-49433 No Name B-24 L 1/4/1946
    44-49829 No Name B-24 L 1/17/1946
    44-50362 No Name B-24 M 1/5/1946
    42-52192 Tail Wind B-24 H xx/xx/xxxx
    44-50582 No Name B-24 M 1/5/1946
    44-50731 No Name B-24 M 12/19/1945
    44-50837 No Name B-24 M 12/2/1945
    44-50841 No Name B-24 M 12/7/1945
    xx-xxxxx Reddy Maid B-24 xx/xx/xxxx
  7. Randy Morgan

    Randy Morgan Active Member

    Didn't mean to just send it too you . Sorry about that!!!!! I thought it was a general post. Did it about 1am here so no telling what I hit.
  8. Randy Morgan

    Randy Morgan Active Member

  9. Lucky Partners

    Lucky Partners Well-Known Member


    Ha! So hard to get good help these days! Not to worry, we'll find it.
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  10. Randy Morgan

    Randy Morgan Active Member

    I'm Searching random MACR's on google now :)
  11. John Britto

    John Britto New Member

    I'm afraid I probably don't have anything to contribute to your research. I was just starting my own research into details of my father's service. He passed in 2011, but it has taken me awhile to go through his pictures, and writings, from the war. He was a ball-turret gunner in B-24's flying out of Spinnazzola, Italy. He was in the 15th Air Force, 460th Bomb Group, 763 Bomber Squadron. I'm trying to find others who had relatives in the same theatre, and related to flying bombers to see if there are things we can share to fill in some holes about who these great men were. If you have run across anything in that general place and time, any tips would be welcome. I had asked my father about the names of his planes, but he said they were often different planes, or didn't have a name. Thanks!
  12. 25Kingman49

    25Kingman49 Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the AAF forum John.
    Your father John L. Britto, ASN: 39138456 WWII induction record is recorded with NARA here https://aad.archives.gov/aad/displa...5&mtch=1&q=39138456&cat=all&dt=893&tf=F&bc=sd and in roster with the 460BG here http://www.15thaf.org/55th_BW/460th_BG/PDFs/460th Personnel Roster.pdf

    Sorry for your loss. John Leonard Britto obit 21 March 1925 to 8 September 2011 here http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/eastbaytimes/obituary.aspx?n=john-leonard-britto&pid=153661879

    Look forward to learning more about your fathers 460BG service as a BTG on the forum.

    Last edited: Feb 18, 2017
  13. John Britto

    John Britto New Member

    Wow, Thank you! That was fast. Looks like I came to the right place. I haven't been able to find crewmates so far on this site, and I really only have first and last names of the pilot and co-pilot, maybe the navigator. But I have scanned pictures of camp life, a few from a mission (though I don't know the origin), some aerial photos that appear to be targets, from Bologna, Wiener-Nevdorf and Ploesti, and various documents and publications from the day. Is there a place for, or any interest in those types of things here?
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  14. 25Kingman49

    25Kingman49 Well-Known Member

    You may wish to start your own thread in your fathers name in the 460BG forum here http://www.forum.armyairforces.com/forums/460th-bg-spinnazzola.265/ click on Post New Thread [top right corner]. Overall there is unfortunately little available about the 460BG particularly crew photos so all you can add is helpful and maybe others can help you.

    There are several dozen 460BG related photos on the website fold3 here https://www.fold3.com/search/#query=460th+BG&ocr=1&t=495 photos are free with website registration. Again no crew photos here.

    Last edited: Feb 18, 2017
  15. John Britto

    John Britto New Member

    Alright, great! Thanks again for your help!
    John B
  16. Randy Morgan

    Randy Morgan Active Member

    Hi John, Welcome to the group. Try Fold3 website, you might locate info. I will check and see what I can find.

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