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44th BG Casualties

Discussion in '44th BG - Shipdham' started by Airwar, Nov 20, 2015.

  1. Airwar

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    8 April 1944,B-24D #41-24283 - GJ*Z " Old Crow - Galavantin Gal ", 506th BS
    1/Lt. Stockton R.Bartol was KIA ,hit in the head by Flak at bombs away.
    Pilot was 1/Lt. John M.McCaslin
    Buried Cambridge Cemetery Plot D-4-6, before final reinterment in Plot C-2-15

    B-24H # 42-52293 - NB*G " Judy's Buggy " 67th BS
    Aircraft has been damaged during fighter attacks and on return landed at RAF Beccles,Suffolk
    after five had baled out anf five were in the aircraft. Sgt. Joseph M.Meskinis baled out but was found dead
    with his parachute unopened.
    Sgt.Meskinis was buried in Cambridge Cemetery, Plot C-5-8, before final reinterment in Plot C-6-55

    28 April 1944, Pvt. Floyd H.Maynard, 66th BS
    An unidentified 392nd BG man was involved in an argument with another man and attempted to hit another man with a large piece of wood. Unfortunately his aim was bad and he accidently hit Pvt Maynard on the head,
    fractured his skull and death was almost instantly.
    Buried Cambridge Cemetery Plot D-7-25 before final reinterment in Oklahoma.

    29 May 1944, S/Sgt. Charles E.Williams, 68th BS
    B-24 was attacked by Me-109 and a 20mm shell fatally wounded Sgt.Williams on a mission to Politz,Germany.
    Buried Cambridge Cemetery Plot H-3-5, before final reinterment in Plot E-4-19

    27 June 1944, B-24H # 42-95209 - QK*W " Sabrina III ", 506th BS
    Mission to France. Flak hit over the target damaged the fuel transfer pump, connected to the No.3 engine gastank. Gas was pouring out and into the waist windows and S/Sgt. William S.Strenge thought the spray was smoked and baled out. Captured at Pont St.Maxence,France.MACR 6743, 1 POW, 9 RTD

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