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    He was declared missing, and not buried in Yugoslavia.
    It was strange they didn't make MACR.

    Edit: he is still listed as missing.
    He died of wounds in a plane, it could explain why there is no MACR.
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    Many thanks for the info.
    If as is suggested, he died in the aircraft 44-6630 then it should be looked upon as a war grave .
    I hope that this is the case and due respect is given and that NO effort is made to recover the aircraft from its resting place.

    I expect that the "still MIA" is due to there being no recovery or that it was not clear if he had somehow floated away from the aircraft after or during its sinking. Expect the rescuer's and survivors had their hands full and presumed him to already be dead. IIRC that seemed to be the gist of their reports in the MACR.
    Many thanks,
    May he rest in peace

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