42-64433 Todd crew

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    B-24H # 42-64433, 93rd BG/ 330th BS, 31st December 1943,MACR 2186

    2/Lt. Edwin W. Todd - P
    2/Lt. William W. Blackley Jr - CP
    2/Lt. Loren F. Sesow - N
    2/Lt. William P. Russell Jr - B
    S/Sgt. Elgin J. Reid - E
    S/Sgt. Harold L. Morris - R
    Sgt. Thomas C. Roop - BTG
    Sgt. Robert L. Berry - LWG
    Sgt. Stanley C. Keller - RWG
    Sgt. Kenneth O. Bair - TG

    T/O Hardwick,assigned target Cognac/ Chateaubernard,France. At 15.24hrs aircraft ditched in the Channel about 20 miles off the Devon coast. 6 KIA, 4RTD.
    Lt. Edwin W. Todd died in a car accident on 4th January 1945. He was a passenger in a car involved in a road traffic accident when returning to the Victorville AAB,California where he was stationed.

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