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42-63982 Bird crew

Discussion in '93rd BG - Hardwick' started by Airwar, Mar 2, 2016.

  1. Airwar

    Airwar Well-Known Member

    B-24D # 42-63982 " El Toro ",93rd BG/ 328th BS, 22nd December 1943, MACR 2190

    1/Lt. Luther S. Bird - p
    2/Lt. Earl W. Hill - CP
    1/Lt. James W. Reid - N
    1/Lt. Jack H. Roach - B
    S/Sgt. Charles B. Molina - E
    T/Sgt. Francis A. Sullivan - R
    S/Sgt. George H. Kelly - LWG
    S/Sgt. Herschel W. Dodd - RWG
    S/Sgt. Robert O. Sparks

    T/O Hardwich,assigned target Osnabruck,Germany. This aircraft was flying the right Wing,second element
    of the lead flight. Bomb bay and flightdeck area set on fire by rockets from fighters West of Osnabruck.
    Three crew baled out before aircraft exploded at 20.000ft while turning at IP. The explosion killed the N,B and R, but blew the remaining three crewmembers clear. Aircraft crashed 14.30hrs at Borstel near Furstenau,West of Quakenbruck,Germany. The three KIA were buried in the POW Cemetery at Achmer airbase.
    S/Sgt. Molina was captured at Menslage at 15.00hrs. 4 KIA,5 POW.

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