42-41002 Mays crew

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    B-24D # 42-41002, 93rd BG/ 409th BS, 22nd December 1943,MACR 2183

    1/Lt. Richard B. Mays - P
    Lt.Col. Joseph S. Tate Jr - CP
    1/Lt. Forrest O. Henson - N
    1/Lt. Sargent S. Cox - B
    S/Sgt. Joe Nigro - E
    T/Sgt. Dale B. Mann - R
    S/Sgt. George C. Coe - RWG
    S/Sgt. Joseph R. Novelli - LWG
    2/Lt. Faine M. Doyal

    T/O Hardwick,assigned target Osnabruck,Germany. Encountered severe FLAK and fighters near Dummer Lake. This was lead aircraft and due to this aircraft taking evasive action formation became scatttered.
    Last seen at 14.52hrs between Osnabruck and Lingen,Germany. Crashed in the North Sea,all on WOM at Cambridge Cemetery. 9 KIA

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