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42-40974 Daywalt crew

Discussion in '93rd BG - Hardwick' started by Airwar, Mar 1, 2016.

  1. Airwar

    Airwar Well-Known Member

    B-24D # 42-40974 " Boomerang II ", 93rd BG/ 409th BS, 22nd December 1943,MACR 2192

    1/Lt. Harry A. Daywalt Jr - P
    2/Lt. Orval B. Carder - CP
    2/Lt. Robert E. McFaddin - N
    2/Lt. Russell S. Unangst - B
    T/Sgt. Colin N. Jones - E
    T/Sgt. Arthur J. DeMario - R
    S/Sgt. Pravdomil Sroubek - RWG
    S/Sgt. Darrell V. Parrot - LWG
    S/Sgt. Robert M. Doyal - TG

    T/O. Hardwick,assigned target Osnabruck,Germany. At 14.52hrs the 93rd BG ran into intense FLAK and concentrated fighter attack. Crew b/o over Texel Island,Holland,but some chutes drifted out over the North Sea. Four, CP,B,E & R landed on Texel beacht to became POW's. The pilot was washed up along the Afsluitdijk
    near post 15.7 on 30th April 1944 and buried in the General Cemetery at Harlingen,Friesland,Holland,now in Plot B-4-14,Margraten US Cemetery. S/Sgt. Sroubek was washed up on 9th May 1944 near t'Horntje on Texel Island and was buried in the General Cemetery of Den Burg,Texel Island,later transferred to Plot I-7-8,Margraten US Cemetery. 5 KIA, 4 POW.

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