42-40765 Sedivec crew

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    B-24D # 42-40765 " Valiant Virgin " 93rd BG/ 329th BS, 13 November 1943,MACR 2184

    1/Lt. Richard G. Sedivec - P
    2/Lt. Robert E. Schroeder - CP
    2/Lt. Howard L. Wodey - N
    2/Lt. Albert G. Van Dame - B
    T/Sgt. William C. Ervin - E
    T/Sgt. Frederick H. Homnick - R
    S/Sgt. Edison E. Gillespie - BTG
    Pfc. Paul C. Sullivan - LWG
    S/Sgt. Joseph J. Cozzone - RWG
    S/Sgt. William J. Redmond - TG

    T/O.Hardwick,assigned target,Bremen,Germany.Collision smashed the bomb bay area,tail section broke off and aircraft crashed at 11.30hrs at Kielsburg,Germany. 7 KIA,3 POW

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