42-40133 Hickman crew

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    B-24D # 42-40133, 93rd BG/ 328th BS, 20th December 1943. MACR 2188

    Capt. Cleveland D. Hickman - P
    2/Lt. Virgil Rose Jr - CP
    2/Lt. Glenn R. Cochran - N
    1/Lt. Kenneth J. White - B
    T/Sgt. Adelbert M. Robinson - E
    Sgt. Jacob W. Handelman - R
    S/Sgt. Robert Pollick - RWG
    S/Sgt. Virgil J. Anderhalt - LWG
    S/Sgt. Edward J. Rubin - TG

    T/O.Hardwick,assigned target Bremen,Germany. Observed to leave formation with No.1 & 2 engines out
    losing altitude and under attack by fighters near target area. 9 KIA

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