42-31996 B17G War Weary 388 BG

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    B17G 42-31996 of 388 BG made a crash-landing in a cabbage field near Gosselies airfield, Belgium. There is some confusion about the date (18/10/1944, 19/10/1944 or 6/11/1944) and the crew of this plane. Who can confirm the correct date and supply details about the crew, which all returned to their base ?

    Many thanks in advance and best regards

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    Luc , I have November 6th 1944 B-17G '' War Weary''.
    9 crew returned.

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    T/O Knettishall on an operational mission to Benzoil Plant at Duisburg,Germany.
    Damaged by FLAK in the target area. 3 engines were lost and the pilot made a crash
    landing in a cabbage patch near Gosselies Airfield,Belgium.
    The pilot 1/Lt.Robert H.Cunliffe was WIA
    388th BG / 561st BS. No MACR
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    Luc an interesting article

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    You should send for the Sheepdog -- I am always ready to answer these questions -- attached is 42-31996's page from Book 3

    42-31996 mbb.JPG

    a032A0463 bb.jpg
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    Hi Airwar and Terveurn,

    Many thanks for the supplied information.The information for the damage on 18/10/1944 was mixed with the details of the crashlanding at Gosselies.

    The B17 production books are on my shoppinglist !

    Best regards from Belgium

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