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38th Depot Repair Squadron, 38th ADG

Discussion in 'Ground Commands, Stations, & Bases' started by Dave Proc, Sep 11, 2016.

  1. Dave Proc

    Dave Proc New Member

    Hello All, I was very active on the old forum about 7 years ago. Due to many job changes and moves, I put all of my WWII AAF research in storage and focused my attention on other historical projects. I have just recently begun to pull my research out of storage again. I have a wealth of information on AAF Gen. Depot # 3, 38th Air Depot Group, and 38th Depot Repair Squadron. If anyone is researching this information, feel free to contact me and I will get back to you as time allows.
    The following are the stations, permanent and temporary of Units or parts thereof of the 38th ADG for 1942 and 1943
    -Herbert Smart Airport, Macon GA, March 8-August 3, 1942
    -Jackson Lake, Jackson GA, August 3 -August 7, 1942
    -Herbert Smart August 8-September 18, 1921
    -Robins Field, Warner Robins GA, Sept 19-Dec 28, 1942
    -Ft. Dix NJ Dec 31, 1942-Jan 1, 1943
    -Staten Island NY Port of Embarkation Jan 13-14, 1943
    -US Steamship Transport; Santa Rosa, Santa Elena, John Erickson, Jan 14-15, 1943
    -Casablanca, Jan 15-26, 1943, Jan 25-26, 1943
    -Cazes Airport ( 5 miles outside of Casablanca), Morocco, Jan 26-Feb 4, 1943
    -Oran, Algeria, Feb 4-July 16, 1943
    -La Senia Airport, La Senia Algeria, July 16-Sept 28 1943
    -US Navy Transport Elizabeth C. Stanton, Sept 26-Oct 6, 1943
    -Bivouac and Staging area, (Bagnoli and Naples) Oct 6-10, 1943
    -Breda Airplane Factory, Naples, AFGD # 3, October 10, 1943-
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  2. Airwar

    Airwar Well-Known Member

    Hello Dave,welcome back to the forum. And thank you that you will share your information with us and our guests.

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