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31st Air Service Group

Discussion in 'All Hands Club & Canteen Discussion Area' started by David G, Aug 21, 2017.

  1. 25Kingman49

    25Kingman49 Well-Known Member

    Related to your post #19, I am a little surprised there is not more familiarity with MOS numbers (not units or codes) simply military jobs by number. the newspaper article content is likely counterproductive. Please see and save http://www.easy39th.com/files/TM_12...Classification_of_Enlisted_Personnel_1945.pdf (might be beneficial in the future)

    In this Cpl Thomas G Gonzales instance, search this PDF document [Shift+Ctrl+F] for 060. Serious business are these Cook duties; "An army marches on its stomach; Napoleon Bonaparte" the AAF was no different except in the air.
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  2. David G

    David G New Member

    Please. No offence taken. My dad would have laughed and said something snide I'm sure. This really brings to life the places he served. My dad never really shared his experiences of the war. He was a quite man by nature. I did ask him a few times about the where and when and the people he served with. He did say that he had been to Lyete and to Luzon and ending up in Guam. My mother said that she thought he was an MPbut his discharge papers state otherwise.
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  3. David G

    David G New Member

    No offence taken. My dad would have laughed and made a snide remark. Thanks for all of the information and photos. It bring to life his story and I am forever grateful.
  4. 25Kingman49

    25Kingman49 Well-Known Member

    Thank you, David.

    Here is the next 31ASG installment from Jeff at Guam, he is still searching for the more detailed area map, referenced earlier. In his words: I've attached a more complete drawing of North Field scanned from a April 1945 magazine (I think). Below the "South Service Apron" is where the 31st Service Group would have been.
    North Field Build-up.jpg

    Also attached is 30 April 1945 aerial photo that shows the relationship between the airfield and the ocean/cliff line etc....
    North Field Guam 30 April 1945.jpg

    I hope this helps better define/explain where the 31ASG was located at Guam, North Field.

    More to follow if Jeff is able to find the more detailed map of North Field, WW II.
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  5. David G

    David G New Member

    Thanks again for all of your help.
  6. 25Kingman49

    25Kingman49 Well-Known Member

    Happy to help, David.

    Here are a few more images of Guam, North Field all pretty much looking northeast toward Pati Point. For identification purposes the planes with the tail marking Black Square with White letter O are 29th BG. Planes with the Black Square with White letter M are 19th BG; and where the 31ASG would have been. Also the web site Pacific Wrecks offers some good Guam content:

    [1] Guam-North-Field.jpg
    [2] Guam-North-Field.jpg
    [3] Guam North Field 29BG forg, 19BG backg - cropped.jpg
    [4] Guam North Field, 19BG Square M (looking northeast) - cropped.jpg
  7. David G

    David G New Member

    Thank you Scott, and a shout out to Jeff. Truly incredible the things that generation did and the sacrifices they made.

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