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307th Bombardment Group Association Historian

Discussion in '307th BG' started by 424thBS#1son, May 24, 2016.

  1. 424thBS#1son

    424thBS#1son New Member

    Welcome to the 307th BG sub-forum. If you have any questions regarding the WW II 307th Bombardment Group please send me a post and I will do my best to assist you. All the best,

    Jim McCabe, Historian
    307th BG Assoc.
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  2. B-24 Best Web

    B-24 Best Web Member

    Jim (anyone?), still looking for the S/N on these (Version #s). If you need to see a pic, do a search (just "Copy & Paste" the NAME):

    307th BG
    02 LIL ABNER B - 24 M - - CO 44-4X3XX 13 307 ~ ~ 3XX
    01 MY IDEAL B - 24 J - 205 - CO 44-4127X 13 307 ~ ~ 27X
    01 SKEETER B - 24 D - - CO 13 307 ~ ~
    STARLITE B - 24 D1 - - CO 13 307 ~ ~
    SUPER MOUSE B - 24 L/M - - CO 44-4X44X 13 307 372 ~ ~ 44X
    05 THUMPER B - 24 D1 - - CO 42-40XXX 13 307 424 ~ ~

    Thanks, much!!
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  3. 424thBS#1son

    424thBS#1son New Member

    Several of these can be found on our website: www.307bg.net
    Also I would enter "307" and each of the 4 squadron numbers(370,371,372,424) into http://www.b24bestweb.com/ as there are several listings of aircraft. Enter each number separately for five distinct searches.

    Jim McCabe, Historian 307th BG assoc.
  4. B-24 Best Web

    B-24 Best Web Member

  5. Lucky Partners

    Lucky Partners Well-Known Member

  6. B-24 Best Web

    B-24 Best Web Member

    Lucky, Yup. See my post above yours.
  7. 424thBS#1son

    424thBS#1son New Member

    There are 2 tabs at the bottom of the excel spreadsheet. AC serials are in numeric order and you can also scan for nose art names. I'm at work and cannot assist further until after 6pm EST. I'll check in with you then
  8. B-24 Best Web

    B-24 Best Web Member

    Thanks, Jim. I found a couple & have updated my original list above.
    Note: There are two versions of THUMPER to straighten out: "V2" (42-40073) & V5 (still unknown). REF: http://www.b24bestweb.com/Pics-T-THR-THUM.htm
  9. 424thBS#1son

    424thBS#1son New Member

    Can you fill in any of our database with what you have?
  10. 424thBS#1son

    424thBS#1son New Member

  11. Airwar

    Airwar Well-Known Member

  12. Palau603

    Palau603 New Member

    Thanks for the sub-forum. Is there a 307th BG reunion scheduled in the future?

    Jim, I just emailed you about my cousin SSGT Farnam

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