2nd. Lt. Kenneth M. Shaffer 29. April 1944

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    looking for all Info`s about the Loss of P-38J 42-67438 with 2nd. Lt. Kenneth M. Shaffer from 384th FS on 29. April 1944. Shaffer`s P-38 crashed between the Airfield in Evershorst (today Hannover Langenhagen Airport) and Godshorn, close near the street from Brink to Evershorst. Shaffer was captured after bailing out in Langenhagen.
    The MACR 4407 is not really helpful in this case, but I found out that this Day the following Pilot of II / JG 11 (Wunstorf) shoot down a P-38 north of Hannover.... the only one that Day....
    29.04.44 Fhj.Ofw. Neuberger: 2 Stab II./JG 11 P-38 £ 05 Ost S/FA nordl. Hannover: 8.700 m. 11.30 Film C. 2027/I Anerk: Nr. 22

    Looking especially for an Picture from Shaffer during his time with the 364 Fighter Group...

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    No luck find photos via the 384FS, 364FG. In the event a family search is required here is a little more about Lt Shaffer's family from ancestry.com

    Kenneth Melvin Shaffer born 22 October 1922 to Melvin and Karen (Breddeson) Shaffer in Des Lacs, North Dakota. According to the 1940 US Census Kenneth is age 17, with 2 older brothers, 1 older sister and 4 younger sisters the family was still residing in Des Lacs, North Dakota (12 miles west of Minot, ND). Family members recorded as follows:

    Name Age
    Melvin Shaffer 62
    Karen Shaffer 42
    Woodrow Shaffer 23
    Chester Shaffer 21
    Genevieve Shaffer 19
    Kenneth Shaffer 17
    Wanda Shaffer 9
    Marline Shaffer 5
    Joyce Shaffer 3
    Janet Shaffer 1

    Some military service details already shown.

    Kenneth at age 22 married Pauline Rabena (Reinke) Shaffer on 28 July 1945 in Pierce County, Washington, (Tacoma, WA area). No record found of children born to Kenneth and Pauline.

    Deceased : 1 July 1997 at Juneau, Alaska

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