2nd Lt. Jack DENNY, 479th F.G., 434th F.S.

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    On 4th July 1944, the P-38J-15 of Lt. DENNY was shot down by Flak in West of France (possibly Rennes-Angers'area). He could bail out, wounded, but was picked up by the American troops.

    My question : where did his aircraft crashed, very precisely ?

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    Welcome to the AAF forum Pierre.
    Here is a little more information to help others help you. 2nd Lt Jack S Denny, O-760442, P-38J-15-43-28367, MACR 6692, 5 pages starts here https://www.fold3.com/image/29099607 for those with fold3 access.

    MACR map of little use in answering your query.

    Witness statement by Capt Jack G Grossenbacher likewise not helpful, does not even offer a last seen coordinates or heading.
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    Two Jack S Denny NARA enlistment records, please see https://aad.archives.gov/aad/displa...h=2&q=Jack+S+Denny&cat=WR26&dt=893&tf=F&bc=sl
    The Denny born 1920 (with a findagrave listing) was Field Artillery the Denny born 1912 was Air Corps (no findagrave page).

    Not much more help here http://www.americanairmuseum.com/person/103757
    Awards AM w 1/Oak Leaf Cluster, they missed the Purple Heart and African–Middle Eastern Campaign Medal, maybe more.

    Seems Lt Denny recovered from his wounds and continued to fly, see http://www.8thafhs.com/get_one_acgroup.php?acgroup_id=69 search page for Denny (1944-11-10 landing accident P-51D (#44-14373))

    More off Topic content: 1st Lt Jack S Denny returns to the US departing Liverpool 3 March 1945 for New York, NY
    Lt Jack S Denny US return 3 Mar 1945 LiverpooltoNY,NY.jpg
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    Thank you very much to both of you, 25Kingman49 and Airwar.


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