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2Lt. Smith, Whitman R.

Discussion in '79th FG' started by Alex Smart, Sep 2, 2016.

  1. Alex Smart

    Alex Smart Active Member

    Seeking confirmation of the date of death of P40 pilot 2Lt. Whitman R. Smith, (Mississippi ).
    MACR 1639, a/c serial number 42-10961.
    Date of a/c loss is given as 09/26/1943.
    Pilots service number was O-799266.
    ABMC date is given as 08/13/1945.
    Could this be an FOD date ?
  2. RSwank

    RSwank Well-Known Member

    Yes the 1945 date is a FOD date. Smith was last seen off Salarno on 9/26/43. His P-40 formation flew into some clouds and when the came out Smith was missing.
    He is still listed MIA on the dpaa site. It is "possible?" that this is the P-40 crash that is referred to in this thread.
    although that thread seems to say that body was eventually recovered. I wonder if so little was recovered that they could not make a "positive" id.

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