2Lt. James C. Southard,

Discussion in '350th FG' started by Alex Smart, Jun 29, 2016.

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    Anything known on the loss of this pilot ?
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    James C Southard_345th FS_KIA 27 Feb 45_edited-1.jpg

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  5. Alex Smart

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    Many thanks for your replies and links provided.
    My problem was the word "memorialised", to me it looked as though he was remembered in name only and not found.
    However thanks to your replies it is now clear to me that he must have been returned to France from Austria at some time as grave a number is recorded.
    Again my thanks for your help.
  6. BMBazooka

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    I would suggest to get in contact with Dr. Goll and Dr. Hoffmann. Maybe they have someting more in their files on him. No mention on him in Dr. Hoffmanns book on the lynched air men, I checked this.

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