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2012/06/09 22:58:10
I am preparing to travel to Naples, Italy, for a vacation, and also, for the purpose of conducting further research into my Pop's military service, which included being billeted to the Naples Capodechino Airfield, while serving as a member of the 302ND Depot Repair Squadron, from late in 1942, until about April, 1945.
I have a few pictures of Pop working on aircraft engines, standing near his tent, sitting in a Jeep, and even enjoying a meal at a nice Italian restaurant.  In one picture, the name of Pop's outfit is seen, painted on the side of a table.  I believe I also have Pop's tool box, which I am told he was allowed to take home with him.
1.) Does anyone know whom I should contact in Italy to assist me in my inquiry?
2.) Organizationally, how did the 302ND fit into the scheme of the AAC, and the AAF?
3.) I have seen a flag for the AAC, and I like it better than the AAF flag, becuase the AAC flag has a propeller as part of the logo, and Pop was a propeller specialist, having been trained at the Curtis Electric Propeller company, in Caldwell, NJ, prior to shipping out to Italy.
Pop told me that he attended a reunion in the late 40's, or maybe the early 50's, perhaps in upstate NY...Syracuse??? but, I am not sure of this location.
I really want to see the chain of command from the 302ND up to Ike, e.g. 12TH AAF???  8TH AAF???
Can anyone help this Newbie???????
Many thanks, and thank you for your service, on behalf of a nation that is grateful for the sacrifices you have made!!!!!
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Re:302ND Depot Repair Squadron 2012/06/10 20:10:45
The 302nd Depot Repair Squadron was a separate unit assigned to Army Air Service Command, MTO, which came under Army Air Forces, MTO.  It was not assigned to 12th or 15th AF.  It may have been attached to the 20th Air Depot Group, also at Capodichino.
Also note that the 8th AF and Gen. Eisenhower did not have control over units in the Mediterranean Theater of Operations.
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Re:302ND Depot Repair Squadron 2012/06/13 11:59:26
The 302nd Depot Repair Sq was activated at Tinker Field, OK on 15 Apr 1943, it moved to Maison Blanche Airport, Algeria in December 1943 and to Capodichino in January 1944, where it was assigned to the newly activated 90th Air Depot Group at Naples.  At some time it was relieved of this assignment, but I do not know when.  The squadron was inactivated on 22 Nov 1945 and disbanded on 15 Jun 1983.  Capodichino was home to the Air Force General Depot No 3.
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Re:302ND Depot Repair Squadron 2012/06/14 15:50:00
I know that the 302nd DRS was co-located with the 41st Air Depot Group at Advanced Depot #52 (Gioia del Colle AAF, Italy).  I have seen reference to the 302nd DRS in the 41st Depot Repair Squadron's War Diary.  There was no other information about the 302nd DRS other than they were there (sometime between 20 Dec 43 & 26 Jul 45).  It does not help you much, but it is something to add to your research.
If I find out more I will post it here.
If you go to the Air Force Historical Agency web site you can order microfilm rolls & CDROMS with the unit war diaries on them.  A lot of times though, the scans of the original microfilm are sub-standard, but still worth getting.  The 302nd DRS war diary listing is at:
The home page for the ARHRA is at:
Re: 302ND Depot Repair Squadron 2014/11/04 12:03:50
Many, many sincere thanks and apologies go out to all those who have attempted to assist me with my inquiry into my Pop's military service.  I have been away from this site for a couple of years...sorry!!!  I have been battling medical issues.
I now know that Pop was a member of the 15TH Air Force, and likely the 90TH Bomb Group, although, someone replied that Pop's squadron was a part of the 91ST Bomb Group.  Does anyone know definitively whether it was 90TH or 91ST???
So, to recap what I think I now know, Pop's Chain of Command looked like this...
15TH Air Force
90TH/91ST Bomb Group (not sure which)
302ND Depot Repair Squadron
Pop told me that the CO of the 302ND DR Squadron was a guy everyone called 'Bugs', primarily due to the fact that before the war, 'Bugs' was an animator for Walt Disney.
Can anyone help me with this factoid?
Thank you all for your service, on behalf of an entire nation that is grateful for the sacrifices you have made!!!!!!
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Re: 302ND Depot Repair Squadron 2014/11/04 17:00:26
There is a big mix-up in units according to your last post, for the following reasons.
Depot Repair Squadrons were never assigned to Bomb Groups at any time.
There is no reply in this thread claiming the 302nd DRS was assigned to the 90th or 91st Bomb Group.  Bernies post mentioned the 90th Air Depot Group, not the 90th Bomb Group.  These units are miles apart in names and missions.
On my previous post on this subject, I used the AAF Station List (Outside Continental U. S.) dated 1 May 1945, which was created at the time by the Adjutant General's Department, U. S. Army.  It shows the following item under Depot Repair Squadrons:
302nd Depot Repair Squadron - Capodichino, Italy (528 NY)
This entry indicates two things to me:
It was not assigned to an Air Depot Group (or any other group), because it would have that group in parenthesis following the name and before the dash.  A check of the list of Air Depot Group (which is the only group type it would be assigned or attached to) shows the following:
20th Air Depot Group - Hq & Hq Sq at Capodichino, Italy (528 NY)
36th Air Depot Group - Hq & Hq Sq at Naples, Italy (528 NY) (Capodichino Airport is at Naples)

90th Air Depot Group - Hq & Hq Sq at Naples, Italy (528 NY) (This is the unit Bernie mentioned)

The APO number in parenthesis (528 NY), indicates that it assigned to I Air Service Area Command, AAF, Mediterranean Theater of Operations.  If it was assigned to Fifteenth AF it would have been (520 NY).
If the 302nd was at Gioia D Colle, Italy (520 NY), as John McCormack said, it would have been assigned to the 41st Air Depot Group, which was assigned to Fifteenth AF.  That does not seem to be the case.
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Re: 302ND Depot Repair Squadron 2014/11/05 14:22:08
OK, we are making progress.  Keep in mind, I am trying to draw a picture of what the chain of command looked like, starting from the 302ND, and going upward to Ike.
So far, I appear to be mistaken about the 302ND's association with the 15TH Air Force.
That said, I also appear to be mistaken when I refer to the 40TH and 41ST Bomb Groups, since DRS's were not affiliated with BG's.
Can someone tell me where I can find information concerning the 302ND, which apparently existed until 1983?  Also, Pop told me that he attended a reunion of his outfit(302ND...something else) in the late 1940's, somewhere in New York, possibly in Syracuse.  Maybe this will help.  I would especially like to find out more about 'Bugs', the CO of the 302ND.
Many thanks to all those that have weighted-in on my inquiry.
Thank you all for your service to our country!!!
Two six-star service flags are hanging in my vehicles' rear-view mirrors for you, and, for my father and his five brothers.
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Re: 302ND Depot Repair Squadron 2014/11/05 20:48:10
The chain of command would look like this:
302nd Depot Repair Squaron
20th, 36th or 90th Air Depot Group, or straight to I ASAC, depending on assignment
I Air Service Area Command - unknown commander
Army Air Forces Service Command, Mediterranean Theater of Operations - Brig. Gen. Harold A. Bartron Jan 44 to Aug 44, unknown after Aug 44.
Army Air Forces, Mediterranean Theater of Operations - Lt. Gen. Ira C. Eaker, from Jan 44 on.
Mediterranean Theater of Operations, U. S. Army - Lt. Gen. Jacob L Devers, Jan. to Oct 44, Lt. Gen.-Gen. Joseph T. McNarney from Oct 44 on.
Eisenhower had been Commander of MTOUSA prior to Jan 44, but became Supreme Commander, Allied Expeditionary Force and Commander of European Theater of Operations in Jan 44.  He did not command units in the MTO after that date.
Interesting note on your father's CO.  They called him "Bugs" because he drew cartoons for Disney.  The Disney company did not draw Bugs Bunny, that was done by Warner Brothers.
If you go to the link provided by John McCormack, you will see various microfilm that you can purchase from Maxwell AFB at 30 dollars a reel.  The information may also be obtained from Maxwell in digital format (CD) at same price.  Even though there are several listings on that site, there is only one reel or CD involved.
Here is that link again:
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Re: 302ND Depot Repair Squadron 2014/11/15 11:14:20
Many thanks to Mark, who has begun to clarify my understanding of the Chain of Command that was present when Pop served in Italy.
Apparently, I misspoke, as Pop would likely not have been a part of a Bomb Group, but rather, an Air Depot Group.
All this said, it does appear as though there is some 'shadowy' goings-on with the 302ND, since we seem to know they were in Italy, but, there is not a lot of documentation about the unit, and, to what Air Depot Group they were billeted...if any.
I misspoke as well in referring to the CO, who was called 'Bugs.'  As was pointed out, the estimable Mr. Bunny was a product of Warner Brothers studios.
The reunion that Pop attended was in Syracuse, NY, sometime in the late 40's.
Now, if I can get my nose straightened out, and, if my singed eyebrows will grow back, and if the burned-off hair on my head will return, I will be in great shape.
The search continues...

Re: 302ND Depot Repair Squadron 2014/11/15 11:23:01
Many thanks as well go out to John E. McCormack, Jr., for adding valuable details for me to pursue.
I think it is somewhat humorous that Pop's unit operated under the radar, so-to-speak.  Pop would get a kick out of hearing that, I am sure.
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Re: 302ND Depot Repair Squadron 2014/11/15 13:17:17
There is a letter being sold or was sold on e-bay here:
You can download the image and enlarge it a little to read it.       It was from  Col?  Robert L Kinney to his parents.   His address was the 302nd Deport Repair Squadron, 90th Air Depot Group,  APO  538.     The letter was dated 23 January 1945.   
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Re: 302ND Depot Repair Squadron 2014/11/15 17:27:46
I was not saying you were wrong about the CO being called "Bugs", It may well have been the case as no one in his unit knew the difference or cared about where Bugs Bunny was drawn.  He probably knew it and just let them call him whatever they wanted.