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2012/06/09 22:58:10
I am preparing to travel to Naples, Italy, for a vacation, and also, for the purpose of conducting further research into my Pop's military service, which included being billeted to the Naples Capodechino Airfield, while serving as a member of the 302ND Depot Repair Squadron, from late in 1942, until about April, 1945.
I have a few pictures of Pop working on aircraft engines, standing near his tent, sitting in a Jeep, and even enjoying a meal at a nice Italian restaurant.  In one picture, the name of Pop's outfit is seen, painted on the side of a table.  I believe I also have Pop's tool box, which I am told he was allowed to take home with him.
1.) Does anyone know whom I should contact in Italy to assist me in my inquiry?
2.) Organizationally, how did the 302ND fit into the scheme of the AAC, and the AAF?
3.) I have seen a flag for the AAC, and I like it better than the AAF flag, becuase the AAC flag has a propeller as part of the logo, and Pop was a propeller specialist, having been trained at the Curtis Electric Propeller company, in Caldwell, NJ, prior to shipping out to Italy.
Pop told me that he attended a reunion in the late 40's, or maybe the early 50's, perhaps in upstate NY...Syracuse??? but, I am not sure of this location.
I really want to see the chain of command from the 302ND up to Ike, e.g. 12TH AAF???  8TH AAF???
Can anyone help this Newbie???????
Many thanks, and thank you for your service, on behalf of a nation that is grateful for the sacrifices you have made!!!!!
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302ND Depot Repair Squadron
Naples Capodechino Airfield

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Re:302ND Depot Repair Squadron 2012/06/10 20:10:45
The 302nd Depot Repair Squadron was a separate unit assigned to Army Air Service Command, MTO, which came under Army Air Forces, MTO.  It was not assigned to 12th or 15th AF.  It may have been attached to the 20th Air Depot Group, also at Capodichino.
Also note that the 8th AF and Gen. Eisenhower did not have control over units in the Mediterranean Theater of Operations.
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Re:302ND Depot Repair Squadron 2012/06/13 11:59:26
The 302nd Depot Repair Sq was activated at Tinker Field, OK on 15 Apr 1943, it moved to Maison Blanche Airport, Algeria in December 1943 and to Capodichino in January 1944, where it was assigned to the newly activated 90th Air Depot Group at Naples.  At some time it was relieved of this assignment, but I do not know when.  The squadron was inactivated on 22 Nov 1945 and disbanded on 15 Jun 1983.  Capodichino was home to the Air Force General Depot No 3.
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Re:302ND Depot Repair Squadron 2012/06/14 15:50:00
I know that the 302nd DRS was co-located with the 41st Air Depot Group at Advanced Depot #52 (Gioia del Colle AAF, Italy).  I have seen reference to the 302nd DRS in the 41st Depot Repair Squadron's War Diary.  There was no other information about the 302nd DRS other than they were there (sometime between 20 Dec 43 & 26 Jul 45).  It does not help you much, but it is something to add to your research.
If I find out more I will post it here.
If you go to the Air Force Historical Agency web site you can order microfilm rolls & CDROMS with the unit war diaries on them.  A lot of times though, the scans of the original microfilm are sub-standard, but still worth getting.  The 302nd DRS war diary listing is at: 
The home page for the ARHRA is at:  http://www.afhra.af.mil/