2004/03/16 13:23:47
HEHE! Trumped me again, Mark! Of course I don't mind... I had every intention of posting this AM, but with our overnite snowstorm, WPAFB is closed (woo hoo!) and have been outside playing in the snow all morning.
2004/03/16 19:50:22
They may have been a source of personnel, but by 1945, the Air Technical Service Command had 14 Air Technical Service Commands in the U. S. to train them.
They were:
Atlantic Overseas ATSC HQ at Newark Army Air Field, N. J.
Fairfield ATSC HQ at Patterson Field, Ohio
Miami ATSC HQ at Miami, Fla.
Middletown ATSC HQ at Olmstead Field, Pa.
Mobile ATSC HQ at Brookley Field, Ala.
Ogden ATSC HQ at Hill Field, Utah
Oklahoma City ATSC HQ at Tinker Field, Okla.
Pacific Overseas ATSC HQ at Oakland, Cal.
Rome ATSC HQ at Rome Army Air Field, N. Y.
Sacramento ATSC HQ at McClellan Field, Cal.
San Antonio ATSC HQ at Kelly Field, Tex.
San Bernardino ATSC HQ at San Bernardino Army Air Field, Cal.
Spokane ATSC HQ at Spokane Army Air Field, Wash.
Warner Robins ATSC HQ at Robins Field, Ga.

Most of these (11) were perminent Air Depots which dated from pre-war to 1942. These were the training stations for the Air Depot Groups sent to all theaters.
2004/03/17 09:13:30
Roger Myers
So, to try and distill all this and put things in a time perspective as it relates to my father: 1) He was inducted 29 Dec 42; 2) Entered "active service" 6 Jan 43 at Ft. Sheridan, Illinois; 3) Arrived in Scotland 17 Oct 43; 4) Was in the 8th AAF; 5) Served at an Air Service Command "repair and modification" depot somewhere in England during part/all of 1944 setting an all-time record for sending 17,000 overhauled engines back into combat (was Sgt. at the time); 6) Must have transferred out of AAF because his discharge papers indicate he was Sgt.,69th Amphibian Tractor Bn. I also know (per photo) that he was a Motorpool Sgt. at some point (sign says 6951st PWTB Motorpool) and the pic identifies him as the Sgt. My questions: 1) Since my father worked in an ASCD overhauling aircraft engines, does it mean that he would have received special training at one of the installations you listed? 2) Entering active service through Ft. Sheridan, and assuming he went directly into the AAF, is there a "probable" location where he would have taken "basic training"?; 3) OR, did everyone go through "basic" and then select a specific area (Ground vs. Air vs. Supply) and take additional training? 4) When soldiers transferred out of the AAF as replacements, did they go to specific units...or might they have been transferred to wherever needed (i.e. did one or more specific units get all the AAF transfers)?; 5) Any idea what "PWTB" in the moniker 6951st PWTB Motorpool would have meant? This has been a very interesting and educational process. I appreciate eveyone's patience. Thanks much........Roger
2004/03/17 18:57:14
Those are all excellant questions, none of which I can answer. Maybe some of the veterans of WWII can answer them.

2004/03/24 00:25:13
Roger Myers
Mark - I did find out that it is PWTE, not PWTB. It means Prisoner of War Temporary Enclosure. The 6951st PWTE was a 1,000 man security guard organized in England and sent to the Remagen/Sinzig camps to handle Germany PWs. I am assuming that the reference to Motorpool simply means what it sound like...it was the Motorpool division for the PWTE...Roger
2011/08/10 18:43:30
Ken Kerr
Hey Mbee - you left out Fort Francis E . Warren- That's where I got my pins
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