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Lady Be Good (B17)

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2003/05/03 22:08:30 (permalink)

Lady Be Good (B17)

I had posted before about my father who told me he was the pilot of a B17 named Lady Be Good. I had omitted that it was a B17. He was with the 728th and flew out of Deopham Green. He started combat missions in the Fall of 1944 and after ditching one in France and flying home two others that were un usable, He was sent home in February of 1945. He completed 34 missions and never lost a member of his crew. He was very proud of this. He now has Alzheimers and is in a nursing home in Montana. His name is Hubert Gay. Does anyone have any information about his crew or any history?

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    Re: [Mariannna] Lady Be Good (B17) 2003/05/04 11:52:12 (permalink)

    I would suggest that you go to their (452BG) web-site, log onto their forum section and ask your question there. Surely, someone with the BG association can help you.

    352nd BG:


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    Re: [Mariannna] Lady Be Good (B17) 2003/05/05 13:02:35 (permalink)
    Marianna...there were actually 7 B-17s named "Lady Be Good"

    a/c 43-38417 385 BG 551 BS Photo NO

    a/c 43-38594 457 BG 749 BS Photo YES

    a/c 42-3341 2 BG 429 BS Photo NO

    a/c no a/c # 390 BG 570 BS Photo NO

    a/c 43-37563 452 BG 729 BS Photo YES *******

    a/c 41-9025 457 BG None Photo NO

    a/c 43-38902 457 BG 748 BS Photo NO

    Note : The Squadron is the 729th ..not the 728th.

    Only the 452nd BG Association can tell you if the a/c was assigned to which Squadron

    [url ""][/url] (452 BG Association Page) Contact the 452nd BG Association for answers to your questions.

    You can email Wally Forman at [url ""][/url] for an emailed photo, of a/c 43-37563.

    Be Sure you tell him your father flew this aircraft.

    This information came from Wallace Forman's B-17 Nose Art Name Directory.

    Jim :-)
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    Re: [Mariannna] Lady Be Good (B17) 2004/07/27 22:11:24 (permalink)
    Marianna,my father,Billy W. Sloope, was a radio operator and gunner on different B-17's flown out of Deopham Green.He left Langley Field Va. in july of 1944 and flew some practice missions in august of 44. One of the practice missions flown,aug 19,was in plane#563"Lady be Good". Then on 9/10/1944,on my dads third mission,Lady be Good flew to Nurnberg Germany,was in the air 8 hours,15 minutes and lost two engines.#1 and#3. I'm sorry but I haven't been able to find any crerw list or other info,but will continue to look for more info.
    My dad was assigned to the 452nd BG,728 squadron heavy
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    RE: Lady Be Good (B17) 2007/12/05 06:46:28 (permalink)
    Your Father was assigned to the 728th BS.  He was the pilot for crew 13B.
    The crew consisted of the following:
    1Lt Hubert H. Gay - Pilot
    2Lt Carl E. Tyner - Co-Pilot
    2Lt James A. Graham - Navigator
    T/Sgt James R. Herring - Toggler
    T/Sgt Donald L. Sherlock - Top Turret / Flight Engineer
    T/Sgt Ralph J. Widttaker - Radio Operator
    S/Sgt John L. Rider - Bottom Turret
    S/Sgt Glenn R. Stockglausner - Waist Gunner
    S/Sgt Richard H. Hahn - Tail Gunner
    If you would like additional information please send me your email address.  I will research all missions flown, aircraft piloted, etc. . .
    Thank you, Howard Keller

    Howard W. Keller, Jr. (LTC, US Army, Ret)
    452nd Bomb Group Association
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    Re: Lady Be Good (B17) 2014/03/22 15:12:29 (permalink)
    My Dad was on that ill fated flight where he became a POW 28July1944 he was the flight officer if this is any help Harold Eastman Jr passed away 17March2008
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